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Do Spells Really Work?

November 22, 2021
Do Spells Really Work?
Photo of items used in spell work
Do Spells Really Work?

Following up on my last post Is Witchcraft Real? I wanted to talk about spells specifically. So many people want to know the answer to the burning question. Do spells really work?  I think the reason this question on everyone’s mind is for one main reason. If spells really do work, then we can just cast money spells and love spells and happiness spells and basically live happily ever after. 

That idea sounds amazing and I would totally be on board, however, I think that the term “spell” may be a little bit misunderstood by most people. So I wanted to explain what a spell actually is. As well as the difference between a failed spell, and one that didn’t work out the way you intended. 

What is a Spell?

In the most basic sense, a spell is an intention. Just like some religions have prayers, a spell is sort of the same thing. With prayer you are asking what or whomever you believe in to help you in some sort of way, and from my understanding, if it’s meant to happen your prayer will be answered. When it comes to a spell, you’re not necessarily asking for it. Depending on what type of witchy path you follow this may differ. I am speaking only for my own path. So when I cast a spell, I am altering the direction in which the energy is flowing so that I can have a better chance at getting what I want. I set my intention, that is what I want, and then direct all of my energy into it. The more complex the intention, the more I will need to amplify my spell, which is where herbs, oils, crystals, etc. come into play. 

Now I have heard people saying, be careful what words you use because every word is a spell. This, is a little extreme in my opinion. Most words we say in our day to day life, don’t carry the energy of our intention. They are just words, used for the specific purpose of communicating with others. I feel like this may have been something that got lost in translation somewhere, because If it were as easy as that you wouldn’t need to cast spells. 

I think this thought process came from the idea that when someone is in a negative space, such as anger. The energy in the words are amplified, when we are angry or in negative places, we don’t always mean what we say. For example, I remember when I was young, I remember a woman opening up to my mother.  I don’t know who she was, but she was upset because she got angry with someone (I don’t remember who), and during that moment of anger she said that she wished he would die. A few weeks later that person had a heart attack and died. She felt responsible, as if the words she spoke killed him.

This is not something I personally believe, there are too many variables in this to earn any validation with me. Like I said above, if that was how it worked, it would just be too easy, and a lot more people would be dropping dead after angry words have been spoken. 

The Difference Between a Spell Failure, and One that doesn’t Work Out.

I want to clear something up for everyone. There is a big difference between a failed spell, and a spell that doesn’t work out the way you intended it to. When a spell fails, nothing happens. Life carries on as it would have. If it doesn’t work out the way you intended, maybe not everything you were hoping for happens, some things do…but maybe not in the way you wanted them to happen. This is far more common than a spell completely failing. 

For example if you do a spell a spell to find love.  What can end up happening is you have people falling head over heals for you, to the point where when you break up with someone, they become obsessive and cant let you go, or they can’t accept the relationship is over. 
In this situation, most people would say the spell failed. When in fact it didn’t. You still got love, but not in the way you were hoping for. This type of thing usually happens to those with no spell casting experience. I find many spells that you see online or in books have this affect as well. 

Some religions, such as Wiccan or Pagan religions, believe that whatever spell you cast comes back to you 3-fold. So, if you cast a spell that would inflict harm on someone in anyway, that will come back to you x 3. I’ll be honest, I’m not particularly knowledgeable on those religions, but if you want to know more about them a good place to start would be here. 

I personally don’t follow that rule, nor do I follow any religion.  I’m more of a believer in the Universe and Creation. I believe in balance, and I don’t believe in dark magic or light magic. Magic is magic and using only what some would consider light magic, doesn’t mean it won’t cause harm or some sort of ripple effect. Rumplestitskin from the television show Once Upon a Time said it best, “all magic comes with a price, deary’s”. If you’re not willing to pay the price, don’t do the spell. 

Can Anyone Cast a Spell?

Technically, yes, anyone can cast a spell. Do I personally think anyone should? No. Before you all start getting your panties in a twist, I want you all to ask yourselves this. Can anyone be a surgeon? The technical answer is yes, but you would have to go to school, study, learn about the body and how it functions and all that good stuff. It takes an investment of time, money and dedication and practice. If you want to focus on a specific part of the body, such as the heart or brain, that’s even more studying and learning. 
If you found out that the person about to operate on you or your loved one only watched a couple of you tube videos, would you want them operating on you? I personally would say no.

I feel it’s the same with spells. Spells are not as black and white as most people make them out to be. Even the simplest spell, using only “white magic” can cause an unexpected ripple effect and cause more harm to the situation then good. The problem is that because a spell isn’t something that is proven to work, It’s not taken seriously by most people that cast it.  So if something goes wrong, most people will just forget about it and think nothing of the damage they may have caused. 

Some last bits of advice. If you want a spell cast, in my honest opinion, go to someone who knows what they are doing. This isn’t a sales pitch to get myself clients. I’m not telling you to come to me, but go to someone who has experience and knowledge and also who follows the same type of belief or path as you. That’s important because if you believe in the law of 3, and your spell caster doesn’t, it’s not exactly a great energetic match and your spell could wind up with conflicting results. 

If you want to cast your own spells, that’s great too, but do us all a favour and hone your craft. Take it seriously, don’t “dabble” in it. Go all in, learn. Not just about the phase of the moon and crystals. Find your path in life as well as in your craft, define yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. Magic isn’t just about candles and herbs and all the pretty stuff you see online. It’s about understanding who you are at your very core. It’s about coming face to face with your own demons. If this is not something you’re interested in doing, that’s totally fine, just have someone cast whatever spell you want and don’t even worry about it. 

You’ll end up getting better results. 

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