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Dream Interpretation for “A”

August 8, 2021

This is a dream interpretation for “A”. I am posting it with her permission, she just asked that the names be changed for privacy reasons. Following the dream is my interpretation. Keep in mind, my dream interpretations are done one on one via zoom…so a lot of stuff that was discussed is not posted…just the main points of the dream!

*Disclaimer* This is for entertainment purposes only. Also, please note that this dream has explicit content that is not censored. If you are offended by topics of a sexual/graphic nature please DO NOT continue reading.

So this dream was interesting. I dreamt I was in this house that happened to be my “friends” place (Mallory and Adam). Well she’s not really my friend I actually kind of hate her. I wish she wasn’t in our life but unfortunately she is. My boyfriend and I went over cuz we were invited. Mallory wasn’t really talking to me, it was kind of awkward. Other people showed up so I had people to talk to. No one was talking to her. Not cuz no one liked her. It was cuz the people were my family n friends.

My boyfriend then decides we should all have a convo together. He invites her into the circle to make her feel included which she reluctantly joins. Thats when he puts his arm around her! I’m standing there watching the two of them laughing and joking. This is typical of her in real life to be laughing and joking with my boyfriend, and it bugged me just as much in my dream. I didn’t know what her issue was though and I really didn’t care what it was, she ended up taking a walk outside her house. There was a long pathway and while we stayed there my mother mentioned something about the house becoming ours.

I don’t remember how their house would become ours, but I feel like those details weren’t important. For some reason Mallory and Adam wanted to move and they were going to give us the house. We were going to put a down payment and pay the mortgage of their new house. It made sense in the dream, in the real world that seems pointless.

I find myself living at my parents place, without my boyfriend or my dogs. However an ex (who I also hate) came over to my parents place which was where I was living. We were sleeping in a bed with my grandma and he wanted to have sex but I didn’t. Not because of my grandma (because that would be totally fine??) but because I hated him (oh and the bed was downstairs by the living room). Me not wanting to have sex didn’t seem to bother him though, he just turned towards me and jerked himself off and came in the sheets which was super gross. I really hate this part of the dream. I remember feeling disgusted by him all over again.

I don’t remember what happened next but after we find ourselves in my parents bed. He does the same thing because I again don’t want to have sex. This time I get pissed because he came in my parents sheets. I was yelling at him and he said something along the lines of “relax it dries”. I went on to say “no actually my arms are still wet because it’s not water it’s sticky. When something is sticky it takes longer to dry”. He looked at me like he understood. My dad comes upstairs and he can see my ex is naked through the mirror and I rush to tell him to move from that spot and put on clothes. I was normally humiliated by his clothed presence so imagine naked. He puts his clothes in and is getting ready to leave because I think I had broken up with him. As we are walking down stairs people are all lined up against the walls and we are walking through the middle. I think they were congratulating me but I didn’t know what for as I haven’t done anything congratulatory worthy. Now that I think about it it’s prolly cuz i broke it off with him apparently no one liked him.

As I was walking him out I asked him if he took anything and he scoffed and was insulted that I even brought that up. I then went back and said “last time you told me if I asked you and you said no to ask you again, so I’m asking you again. Did you take anything…?” He gave me what he took but I don’t remember what it was. I remember asking if he took anything else but woke up before he answered.

It sounds to me like you’re at a conflict in your relationship, not with your boyfriend. In the relationship you have with yourself. Your relationship with your boyfriend seems to be fine, no issues yet. However, even though the relationship is good, you want to see what else is out there maybe?. There is something missing and you don’t know what that is, so there is a small part of you feels like you owe it to yourself to figure that out, but another part of you isn’t on board, this other part of you wants to stay in the relationship. It feels like you are very torn between those two options.

Mallory being welcomed by your boyfriend represents a bit of an upheaval in your life, this upheaval is supposed to be a wake up call for you, and the severity of how much this wake up call is going to sting, is basically equivalent to how much this Mallory chick is hated by you in your waking life. 

You can look at this upheaval as sort of a test. A test to determine how much strength and confidence you actually have. How do you pass this test? Well there’s good news and bad new. The good news is there is no right or wrong answer. The bad news is that depending on which way you go, it will determine which outcome you get, and you may not like the outcome. The silver lining to the bad news is that whatever way you go, you’ll have the strength to get yourself through it. 

The part of your dream where you transition from Mallory and Adams place to your moms place, to me this feels like your moms place is your comfort zone, your happy place. So you need to sort of find a way to get to a happy place within yourself, in order to figure out what you really want, from this place you may actually decide what your next steps are.

Your ex jerking himself off in the sheets, is well, it’s a really interesting way to tell you to put your feelings aside while you’re trying to figure out those next steps. There’s a big part of you that feels like you’re being really immature about your situation. Whether you’re right or wrong about that is not my place to judge. You’re the one that needs to be happy with the decisions you make in life. So you’re going to have to figure those things out for yourself. The problem, it seems like you’re not fully in charge of your emotions. Which is why you’re having a really hard time with this, your initial reaction is to run away from the whole situation, but your subconscious is calling you out on it and saying “hey, deal with this!!”

I hope you enjoy reading this dream interpretation as much as I enjoyed doing it! And A, I hope that it brings some clarity to your situation. If you’re interested in having your dream interpreted, send me an email chaosandthecrow@gmail.com
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