Finding a Life Coach that Feels Right to You

September 6, 2021

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap and hire a life coach! That’s amazing! You’re probably wondering now which coach you should work with. There are so many amazing coaches out there and it can be overwhelming to make a decision. When things get overwhelming, the chances of continuing to take action go down because you have this choice looming above your head that’s preventing you from moving forward. You don’t end up working with anyone, and sometimes you decide to just give up entirely. Some people may just ask their friends or family for recommendations, or read reviews, and if you’re comfortable doing that, then you already got this. For the rest of us, however, sometimes reviews don’t really cut it.  So I thought I would write a little post that will offer a suggestion, something that I personally use in my day-to-day life, in order to help you make a decision that you feel comfortable with. 
When you enter into a client/coach relationship, it is exactly that, a relationship. When you enter any other relationships, one of the first things you do, that usually determines whether or not you will continue to hang out with this person, is to see how compatible you are with one another, and that’s usually done by getting to know one another, finding common grounds, and when I say common grounds, it could mean anything from the type of music you like to how you feel about deep personal issues. This all depends on what you personally find important to you. 
It can be difficult to get to know someone in this type of setting though, it’s not like you’re going to meet up at a party and exchange numbers. Maybe for some people, but in my experience, it’s been unlikely. In a situation such as this, if I were looking for a coach, what I would do is start following some accounts, see if what they say resonates with me. In my case, I would look for posts of things I may have in common with that person, I would see how they talk, what their interests are, etc. If stuff they post vibes with me then I will reach out and request a consultation. Most coaches offer free consultations and you can get a better feel of what kind of personality they have once you actually speak with them. 
It can be tough to find someone who you feel is right for you, this person is going to be working with you for a while, so you want to make sure that you gel together in ways that you feel are important to you. So what I have decided to do going forward, is to start sharing things about myself on social media along with my regular posts. If any of you feel drawn to request a free consultation, feel free to ask me questions about qualities and personality traits that you feel would be important in a coach. After all, this is not something you should be afraid to do, remember coaching is suppose to help you, if you don’t mesh with your coach, then your sessions won’t be beneficial to you and you’re wasting your money. If after the consultation you feel comfortable that I am the right choice, we can go ahead and book you in a session. If you feel that maybe we are too different, that’s ok too! No hard feelings, trust me, I don’t get offended, at all! 
I hope this post helps anyone who is looking and maybe having a hard time, and gets you out of the fog so you can take action!

Until next time!

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