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Sagittarius’ Tarot Representative

November 24, 2021
Sagittarius' Tarot Representative 

Sagittarius’ Tarot Representative – Temperance

I wanted to get this post out before Sag season started, but life likes to throw in wrenches sometimes! As Scorpio season comes to an end we enter Sag season so let’s talk about Sagittarius’ Tarot Representative, Temperance. This is for anyone born November 22 – December 21st

I myself am a Sag, and one thing I know about us, is that we can be brutally honest. Not everyone can appreciate the honest nature of a Sagittarius, however on some level we all need that honesty. You always know where you stand with a Sagittarius, they take the guess work out for you and in a way force you to deal with whatever it is you are running away from. This is something they do whether or not they realize it at the time, and because of this, they can sometimes come across as mean, or cold hearted, which is far from the truth. 

As a young Sag, I always felt it was my duty to “teach people lessons”. My methods of teaching these lessons worked on some, but not others. At the time I felt that those that didn’t “pick up what I was laying down”, no longer deserved my friendship. So I would very easily cut the cord on whatever relationship we had, not thinking twice about it. That worked well for me, or at least I thought it did. However as I got older and became more and more in tune with the universe, I learned that as much as we are all the same. We are also all very different. We have different preferences, and styles that are all unique to who we are as individuals. So how people learn, and how people teach is different for everyone.

The Temperance card, is all about teaching, as well as learning. While we all are in a constant journey of learning, for a Sag, this teaching/learning combo is a part of who they are. They love to take in the knowledge, but they also love to share the knowledge. The thing is, sometimes the methods used turn out to be a fail. That’s not a big concern for a Sag though, it’s just another learning experience. 

I hear a lot of talk about how Temperance is about balance, because a lot of the images in the cards show a woman pouring from a jug into another. To me this symbolizes the energy spent. Sag’s always have their hands in different pots, because they like the freedom of variety. They don’t want to be tied down and commited to just one thing. They spread their energy anywhere they feel they want to be. This is why a lot of Sag’s love to travel, it’s part of the variety. 

Temperance comes to a Sag as a reminder that you should be careful where, when, and how you spread your energy. It’s our representative because it acts as a reminder that we need to be mindful of where we put our energy. Pouring our energy out from that jug into the wrong places can leave us feeling depleted and even depressed. Whatever it is you decide to do, where ever it is you decide to grace, make sure that it’s something that will benefit you. Sag’s have a lot of energy to put out, more then other signs, but it’s not unlimited. So when you are taking on a new hobby, or relationship or job, make sure it’s something or somewhere that you truly want to be. 

Put your energy into where it matters most for you. Not for where it matters to others, that is the message Temperance brings to Sagittarians. 

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