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Scorpio’s Tarot Representative

October 24, 2021
Death cards from 7 different Tarot Decks spread out for comparison. In order from left to right top row: The Mythic Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, Tarot Illuminati, Deviant Moon Tarot.
Middle: Legacy of the Devine Tarot, Zombie Tarot
Bottom: Mystic Dreamer Tarot
This is Scorpio's Tarot Representative
Scorpio’s Tarot Representative

We’ve are entering, or depending on when I get around to posting this we may have already entered, the Scorpio days! I don’t know if that’s actually a term but if it isn’t then I get to be its creator. What I mean when I say “Scorpio days” is basically the dates from October 23-November 21. Which would make anyone born during this time period have Scorpio as their sun sign. 
What you may or may not know is that each sun sign, has a tarot card representative and Scorpio’s tarot representative is the Death card. Before some of you start getting your panties in a twist, it doesn’t mean you’re all gonna die, so relax.

I’ve always found this card to be so fitting for Scorpio’s, I mean you guys are right in there with Halloween, some of you are even born on Halloween. Which may not be as fascinating as I make it out to be in my mind. What better tarot card can you think of to represent the Halloween season other than Death? 
In this post, we are going to look at the Death card. I’m going to show you how it really relates to not just Scorpio’s but the time of the year as well. 
Before I get into it I want to just say, the lucky lot of you that are from countries or states that are warm all year round. Some of the season stuff may not relate to you, and I’m jealous. Let’s move on. 

Fall begins on September 22nd, right when we begin the Libra days, however, because it’s just starting, the weather is still warm for Libra days, you can still get away with wearing shorts and tank tops, although there are a few leaves on the ground but not much. Towards the end of Libra days, we start to notice more leaves, and these ones are the crunchy leaves, and it starts to migrate to “sweata weatha”. Just in time for Scorpio days to begin.

During Scorpio days we have the official death of summer. Some say the death of summer is during the Libra days but to me, it’s more summer fading, Scorpio days are when it’s gone, no hope of it returning until spring. There’s your first connection to the Death card, the death of summer. For those of you that need to have a positive spin on everything. The beginning of the transformation into wretched winter (sorry that’s the best I can do for positivity about winter).

The Death card being largely about transformation really pops up here. 
Scorpios generally don’t like change, but the Death card is all about different types of changes, transformations, growth, etc. Some of the changes are really big and unexpected which would drive a Scorpio nuts. Here’s the thing though. One of the reason’s this is Scorpio’s tarot representative, is because it’s here to teach you to accept those changes more. To be more willing to do things differently. To see things from different perspectives, to basically open up your minds a little more.

Not saying that all Scorpio’s are closed-minded or anything. I’m just saying Death pushes you that extra mile, gives you that extra oomph that you need to do things differently. As a Scorpio you may just be happy doing things the same way, but those same ways may not be opening any doors for you.

Death is basically the energetic opposition of a Scorpio. Most Tarot representatives are because we need that conflicting energy. That is what we need to give us that push, that drive to better ourselves, our lives. So to all my Scorpio friends out there, I ask you, what changes are you resisting? How can Death help you? 

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Until next time folks!


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