Forms of payment at the moment are e-transfer (for Canadians only) and PayPal for everyone (including Canadians). Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars, please ensure if you are sending your payment through PayPal that it is sent in Canadian dollars. All payments are to be received at time of booking. Thank you!

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General Psychic/Tarot Reading: $75.00 (CAD)
This reading is 45 mins – 1 hour in length, and is done online via Zoom. Whatever the cards/spirit feel is most important is what will be brought up in the reading. We will talk about your past, your present as well as your potential future, and hopefully the cards or my guides will have some guidance should you need it. To book an appointment for this reading please email

Dream Interpretations: $90.00 (CAD)
For those of you that have had a dream and want to know what it signifies. You email me your dream, with as MUCH detail as possible, it can be tricky to remember all the details but try to have as much information for me as possible. I will then use what ever form of divination I feel guided to, to decipher it. Once that has been done I will email you to book a date/time with me via Zoom, so that I can go over the information I received with you. Email me at

Spells: At the moment I am not offering spell workings, but check back soon because they are coming!