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What you should be for Halloween according to Tarot

October 1, 2021
The cards are ready to help you find out what you should be for halloween according to tarot.

Hey Pals!
Welcome to the first of October! The only month I love that’s not in spring or summer. I’m sure you don’t need to know why, but if you have no idea, it’s because of HALLOWEEN! Speaking of Halloween, since you’re reading this post, I’m going to assume you need some halloween costume ideas. I thought it would be fun to find out what you should be for Halloween according to Tarot!
Many people opt out of dressing up because they just can’t decide what to be, and I think that is a terrible reason not to dress up. So, for those of you that want to dress up, but really have no clue what you want to be, I decided to draw some cards for you. 
Find your sun sign, or find your moon sign…wanna take it a step further and go as your rising sign? Go for it…there really are no rules with this, hell you can even close your eyes and pick one, as long as you’re having fun with it, and speaking of fun, I have to add that this is for entertainment purposes only. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know in the comments what your sign and costumes are and what you decided to go as. I’d also love to see pictures of you in your costumes so feel free to post them in the comments of this post on my Facebook page.

For my single Aries pals, I drew the Page of Swords. What comes to my mind with this card is someone in the CIA or Military…if you are the kind of person that likes to go all out, which you’re an Aries so you most likely are, you can get some gory makeup and be an undead CIA agent, or Militarian (I know that’s not a word…but it is now!), you can make this sexy, or if you decide to go with the CIA agent, you can find a way to include some sort of alien life by making it a couples costume, or doing a half and half job on yourself if you catch my drift. 
I know I said the costume is for singles, but whatever! 
I did also pull a card for couples and drew the Queen of Swords, and so immediately what came to my mind for this is a Dominatrix and her “slave” …or if you want to go a different way you can be a witch with her familiar!

For my single Taureans, I pulled The Fool for you. I’m getting 2 options for this card, the first is a daredevil of some sort, and then I keep hearing the words “world traveler” …Off the top of my head, I’m thinking maybe Evel Knievel or Christopher Columbus. You can really exaggerate things with these costumes too which makes them fun. 
For a couple’s idea, we have the Ace of Swords. With this card, I can’t help but feel like a good idea would be a brain surgeon and his patient. The patient can have stitches going across the forehead or if you want to get crazy, you can have an exposed brain!

For the single Gemini’s out there I pulled the 2 of Swords. For this card, I am getting the feeling of someone who has the power to make decisions, like a Judge, but I keep hearing “Judge Dredd” so for those of you that are a fan of that movie you can take your costume in that direction as well. 
For those that want a couple’s costume, I have the Queen of Pentacles for you and I’m seeing a gardener fighting off weeds, and when I think of that I immediately think of Seymour and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. 

For my single Cancers, I pulled The Sun. I feel like this card is basically allowing you guys to invent your own “thing”. It’s telling you to invent your costume, and to use your costume as a way of self-expression. So kind of like when an artist creates a unique painting, by expressing something deep inside of themselves. Instead of painting though, it’s a costume. 
For those that are coupled, I have the Page of Wands, for this, you can go the route of a priest and a nun, but I like to take things a step further, and add possession. So maybe either the priest or the nun, or hell even both can be possessed!

Single Leo’s I pulled the 5 of Pentacles for you and saw the image of a nurse, but because it’s the 5 of Pentacles it’s no ordinary nurse, no, this is more like a nurse Ratched kind of deal.  It’s a great idea because you can take it in so many directions, you can go as the one from the actual show, or the original movie, or you can put your own personal spin on it. Whatever way you decide it will be pretty freakin’ cool!
For those that are coupled, I pulled the 3 of Wands for you and I’m seeing an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft combo. It doesn’t have to be exactly those two, those are just what popped up in my head. If I were to go this route, I would probably add some battle wounds and dirt. 

For the single Virgo, I got the 4 of Wands. This has always been a happy card for me, and so I immediately feel the energy of the happy emoji! but I also feel a rich, glamourous energy. Like a Kardashian. Is there a way to combine the happy emoji with a Kardashian? Totally! 
For those that are looking for couples ideas I have The Emperor and felt the vibe of a President and their First Lady, or maybe even a King and Queen. I have a feeling I know which direction some people would be taking this, so I’m just going to leave it at that!

Single Libran’s I pulled for you the 3 of Swords. So, with this card, I ask, what is a breakup song that you love? Who sings it? Go as them. For example, if the breakup song you like is Don’t Speak by No Doubt, you could dress up as Gwen Stefani did in the video of that song. 
For the couples out there, we have the Justice card, and so my mind goes to prisoner and prison guard. This is a classic costume idea, but what’s great about it is that you can get specific with it, and make it your own.

My single Scorpio people, you guys have the 3 of Pentacles, which is telling me that you can consider going as someone that works with their hands, maybe a construction worker, painter, or even handyman. Do you want to take it a step further?… Why not try Tim “the tool man” Taylor from Home Improvement?… if you wanna make it a couples costume you can add his assistant Al Borland!
For those that are coupled and don’t want to take the tool man approach, I have for you the 7 of Wands. I have one word for this. Rivals. Yes, you’re a couple and everyone is expecting you to go with a costume that depicts your togetherness, but why not surprise them and go as famous rivals? Or famous arch enemies! Off the top of my head, I’m thinking Paris Hilton vs Nicole Ritchie, or Mcdonalds’s Burger King!

For my single Sag’s I have the 4 of Cups for you, and what keeps popping up in my head is “Hangover”…so I feel like going as a character from the movie The Hangover would be a cool idea, and I mean, for some of you, you’re most likely going to be drinking anyway.
For those that are coupled, I have The Hanged Man, and I couldn’t help but think of “Executioner”…Remember back in the day when they used to hang people for their crimes…yeah that’s where I’m going with that.

For the single Capri’s I have Temperance. This card always makes me think about harmony, and when I think of harmony for some reason, I picture angels with harps. So why not go as an angel! You want to be rebellious you can go as the devil, but if you want something clean and simple, angel sounds like a plan!
For those that want a couple’s idea, we have the Wheel of Fortune, so I can totally see you going as a gambler and a slot machine, or a gambler and card dealer. For the gambler, you can get some vacation-type clothing, maybe one of those shirts with floral prints, one of those fanny packs, knee socks n sandals, and a visor!

For my Aquarians, I pulled the King of Wands for the singles and the Queen of Wands for the couples so here’s my suggestion for whether single or not. Think of someone you admire, for their strengths, leadership skills, maybe you even find this person sexy, and go as them. For the couples, I feel like you should find your favorite power couple, real or fictional, and go as them. My favorite power couple? Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod! 

Last but not least we have 9 of Cups for my single Pisces, and so here’s the suggestion that comes with this card. Think of something that you have been wishing for. Once you have it, BE THAT! It’s also a great way to manifest that wish into coming true!
For the couple’s costume, we have The Lovers. Do you have a sexual fantasy that you’ve not yet tried because maybe you think it’s too weird? Maybe you think the idea of Santa and Mrs. Claus is sexy and always wanted to get your freak on dressed up like that? This would be a great way to take that fantasy out for a test drive! 

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I had fun creating it! If you enjoyed this, maybe you’ll enjoy my messages from spirit readings, check them out here!
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Til next time!


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