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When Your Tarot Decks Disappear!

October 28, 2021
when your tarot decks disappear
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When your tarot decks disappear

Have you ever tarot decks that have gone missing? You know you didn’t lose them, they are somewhere in your home but for some reason you just can’t seem to find them. I’m 95% sure you didn’t lose them, or misplace them (I say 95 because let’s face it sometimes that is the case). Seeing as this has happened to me quite a few times. I thought I would share with you some of my experiences. As well as what it means when your tarot decks disappear on you.

The Disappearance of The Mythic Tarot:
The first disappearance was with the very first deck I owned, The Mythic Tarot. I bought this deck when I was 16 years old, and completely fascinated with the world of magic and the occult. I knew nothing about reading cards at the time, and because the internet barely existed back then I had to rely on myself to learn how to read the cards.

I was really excited, but when I got home and opened the box, I have to say, I was extremely underwhelmed with it. I read the little book they came with. I looked at the images, and I have to say I really was not a fan of the art in the mythic tarot. In fact I couldn’t stand the traditional rider/waite artwork either, it really wasn’t my style. Needless to say I didn’t really connect with it, and ended up shoving it in the back of my closet, forgetting about it.
I don’t know how I forgot about this deck because my memory is usually very good, but I completely erased this from my memory.

A few months later bought myself another deck, this new deck was a rider/waite deck. Now I know I said I hated the images. Here’s the thing though. At the time I was unaware that there were decks out there that had different artworks. I didn’t have the internet to open up my world. When I went to buy my deck the only ones the shop had at that time were The Mythic Tarot and Rider/Waite. So in my mind those were the only two types of decks that existed. Despite this, I was still so determined to become a tarot reader. So I didn’t let deck art stop me, and I’m so glad I didn’t!

Now, fast forward to, when I was about 31 or 32, I had a dream. In this dream my phone rand and showed that it was my cousin calling. I answered the phone, and instead of her being on the other line, it was a Tarot deck. Which one, was not specific in the dream. The deck did have a voice though and he said “hey, im here, when are you going to come get me”. At this point in my life I had a few decks, and none of them were missing, so I found the dream entertaining. I shared it with my cousin because she used to be the one person I would share this kind of thing with. 

When I told her my dream, she laughed and then said “if you wanted your deck back all you had to do was ask”…and that confused me a little. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that I had let her borrow The Mythic Tarot all those years ago, and she has had it this whole time. Apparently at some point after I had hid the deck in the back of my closet. She was over, rifling through it as she normally did, found it and asked if she could borrow it. I said yes because I had another one and was not in a hurry to have it back.

My cousin ended up returning the deck, and since then, I’ve been incredibly connected with it. I saw and felt things with this deck that I never felt before. Even though I’m still not a fan of the drawing style I started really appreciating on a different level. This deck had a personality, and it revealed itself to me and I felt honoured.

The Missing Legacy of the Divine Tarot:
This situation actually happened around the same time I had the tarot dream of my first missing deck. Only my Legacy deck was only missing for a week. During this time Legacy was my go-to deck for doing readings. I loved the black background with the popping colours, and the images were really cool. I felt like our personalities really blended well.

I had just recently moved and when I finished unpacking all of my things. I noticed I couldn’t find my Legacy of the Divine tarot deck. This was driving me batty, because as I mentioned it was my go-to. Using my Rider-Waite mini deck as a substitute was ok for a temporary fix, but I really didn’t like mini decks. Still don’t as I prefer large cards. I remember putting the deck in my black bag because this was something I wanted quick access to. I must have checked that back bag a thousand times during the unpacking process.

A thousand more once I had everything put away. I began second guessing myself and wondering if I had left it behind at the old place and was starting to get upset because it had been a week. There are two times in your life when finding something shouldn’t be that difficult. The first is when you pack everything up to move. The second is when you are unpacking and putting everything you own away. All of my boxes were unpacked, except for the black bag, which I was sure it was in.

On exactly the 7th day, I found Mr. Legacy, in the very black bag I had checked those thousands of times. I stared at it for quite some time in disbelief. Since it was the 7th day, I was drawn to pull the 7th card. There was the Fool, laughing at me. Basically what this told me was that it was playing a joke on me. Apparently my Legacy of the Divine deck has a wicked sense of humour! 

In my experience, tarot decks have different personalities, and depending on that personality type they might go missing for a variety of reasons. The Mythic Tarot to me, has a very mature personality type. When I was 16 I was not as mature as The Mythic Tarot wanted and needed me to be. So as much as I didn’t connect to it, it didn’t want to connect to me at that time either. We were repelling each other in our own ways. I wasn’t ready to appreciate it for what it really had to offer. It went away to someone that would get more from it until it felt I was ready. When it felt I was ready for it, it called me. Wanting to be with its rightful owner. This deck is now one of my go-to decks when giving readings, I almost always use it. 

I currently have two other decks that are missing, and they have been for 3 or 4 years now, my rider-waite mini, and my wizards tarot. I can’t wait for them to turn up, so I can find out why they disappeared on me in the first place! 

What I am getting at is that when you’re dealing with missing tarot decks. When I say missing tarot decks, I mean you 100% know you didn’t take them with you and forget them on a bus. You didn’t witness them burning in a fire, or drowning in the ocean. Basically, any circumstances where you definitely know you won’t get them back. Just know, that they will come back to you in one way or another. They could be playing a joke on you because maybe they have that sense of humour. They could be waiting for you to grow up. They could maybe need you to learn a specific lesson. The point is, when the time is right, they will always find their way home. The cool thing is you’ll have some awesome stories to share like I did.

If any of you would like to share your stories on missing tarot decks, I would LOVE to hear about them! Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

Til next time! 


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  1. Hi,
    I absolutely love tarot deck artwork and I always wanted to read them, but two things. 1. My brain absolutely refuses to learn anything but the most basic stuff. This is not a problem I typically have considering eidetic memory and a lot of trying. I’ve even attended classes and my brain just throws a blanket on everything and pretends it has no idea what I’m wanting to do.
    2. My decks disappear.

    Enter the Oracle deck.

    I took to oracle decks like breathing air. Some don’t mesh well and that’s fine, but I’ve had some wonderful decks through the years except…they disappear.

    I’ve only had one deck reappear many, MANY years later when I wasn’t looking for it at all. And one Oracle reappeared only to leave again. It was my favorite.

    At first I just ignored it. I misplaced it etc it will show up the second I purchase a replacement, right?

    After this happened roughly 6 times…it’s not a coincidence. I have no idea why other than I take long breaks and am lazy about it? I’m autistic and a few other things. I get overstimulated and have to hide for awhile from all friends. I try to make friends with my decks. Idk I’d assume my decks aren’t ableist!

    I have finally been able to get three to stay, but I carried them around n my purse for well over a year so they went everywhere with me. Not to do readings, but just to hang out. Maybe that is what made the difference.

    I’ve also had many crystals go wandering over the years.

    1. That’s an interesting situation you are in with your relationship with your decks…and I can’t help but wonder if your decks are mimicking you? I say this because you mentioned you are autistic and get overstimulated to the point you need to hide away from your friends for a while. The energy of your autism and overstimulation is a part of who you are, and therefore it’s very normal for you to withdraw from social situations for a while …and I feel that by you carrying your decks around all the time that maybe they’ve picked up on that part of your energy. So either they are overstimulated themselves, and withdraw themselves as you do. Maybe even because it’s a natural thing for you that it becomes a natural thing for them. Or, they are the source of over stimulation and so they pull away from you because they know you need it. I could be wrong, but thats what immediately came to me as I read your comment so I thought I would share. Either way though it sounds like your decks are very in tune with you, and I would suggest doing a reading when they return to you to find out why they went missing. I say when they return because I feel it is important to ask the actual deck that went missing and get your answer “straight from the horse’s mouth”. I also believe they WILL return so don’t fret…the two that I posted about at the end that have been missing for 3-4 years…they turned up recently! I will most likely write a post about those soon!

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